Hmmmm lovely!!!


It’s finished!!!

1600 patchwork pieces.
10 different colour blocks.
Over 160 different fabrics.
Just over 2.50 metres square.
Edging and backing fabric ‘liberated’ from my Mum’s fabric chest.

I love it!!! It has ended up much bigger than I expected, but I like the fact that it hangs right down both sides of the bed. It has taken me years to complete it, mainly because I forgot I had been doing it for a while and rediscovered it in the back of my cupboard.

Technically it isn’t a complicated quilt. Handstiched 5cm squares stitched into 4×4 blocks which were then randomly (carefully!) placed to ensure that the same blocks weren’t too near each other. Edged in blue, then edged in a cream fabric with little blue flowers on it. Then I backed the quilt top with a cotton, then with wadding, another sheet of cotton and then the backing fabric to match the cream blue flowery edging (actually I had to stitch 2 pieces of the backing fabric together, and it was only after I had finished it I notied that I had turned one piece by 90 degrees. Oh well!!). Finally I added bias binding which I machined through all layers to make it strong. Finally I spot quilted in the corner of each square using a button.

Lastly… I autographed and dated my masterpiece!


12 thoughts on “Hmmmm lovely!!!

  1. Fabulous! I want one. How many years did you say it took? Well, never mind, there’s no hurry

  2. I guess it took a couple of years. I made one for my friend Auntie Billie a few years ago and then decided that I wanted one for myself too!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!
    I have one that my granny took over 25 years to make so a couple of years isn’t bad going!

  4. I admire your craftwork in a very blokeish way.

    However I do note that you misspelt Doris.

  5. How very beautiful….a bit like a square rainbow. I never had the patience to do quilting, especially by hand. I bet it’ll last and last.

    And I’ve often started a project and then packed it away for a while….and I usually finish them eventually….but I’m also sure I’ve still got several waiting for me to find them again…

  6. A square rainbow indeed. You are just too fab for words. I love it! (I’ve got a thing for quilts).

    Well done.

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