London, sunshine and the media whore

What a gorgeous day today!!! Peterson and I went into London and wandered around for quite a considerable portion of the day. We started off in Soho and went to a fab vegan restaurant for lunch and then we went down by Charing Cross Station for coffee where Peterson proceeded to fall asleep in Starbucks. I left him to it for a while. He was very tired. Must be his age I think. After that we had a little wander through the gardens and I took arty photos of things.


Then we wandered back up to St Martin in the Field Church in Trafalgar Square which has recently been refurbished. It has the most beautiful window – very simple but so striking.


The weather was lovely, hot and sunny for most of the day and on the way to our next engagement we stopped off at the National Portrait Gallery for a quick culture fix. Our next stop was to the BBC radio studios for Peterson to do an interview for BBC Ulster. I am just hoping (and praying) that the interviewer didn’t hear us talking too much before the interview – there was some rather “interesting” comments going on.


After this we made our way to Courage for their monthly meeting and Peterson was presenting. Once again I found the evening quite emotional, although I am still processing the exact reasons for that. Maybe I will come back to that sometime soon when I have thought things through a little more.

We finally got home at 12.45am. Tired, but it was a fab day.

4 thoughts on “London, sunshine and the media whore

  1. Oh, I do like wandering round those gardens (it was one of the places we went through on our first date, actually). And I’d love to see that new window. I really like St Martin-in-the-Fields anyway, but that window looks fab. The Grauniad described it as "gynaecological" and I can see what they mean, but if that means that the window points to the God who embraces and accepts women, amongst all its other imagery of (to me anyway) centrality of the cross, the universe/creation at the centre of God’s purpose in existence, then that’s good with me!

  2. Embankment Gardens – how fab! One of my favorite places in London. The little tea shoppe there is fun to go to.

    Glad you had a good day.

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