Mum :)

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Today is my lovely Mum’s birthday. She is an amazing Mum. Always there for me, being supportive, but also challenging me when I am out of order (which is quite often). She is fun to be with, plays a good game of Scrabble (but not quite as good as me these days) and she cooks a fabulous roast dinner! I really miss being able to go out walking with her, just chatting about what has been happening and spending time with her. She is fab company and she loves her smart little sporty car. It is possibly her only real nod to being materialistic!!. I miss her a lot, and I love her for all the things she has given me and the fact that she has helped to make me the person I am today. She has taught me so much and she is a far, far more gracious person than I could ever be!

This year Mum received a totally hand-made birthday gift from me this year. She got a fabulous hand-made card, but I also made her an apron and some lavender bags.

When Peterson was staying with me last week I could hear him singing really loudly in my front room. Nothing too unusual about that until I came downstairs to see him prancing about in Mum’s apron and wearing the lavender bags as earrings. So…. here is my glamorous model 😉

Peterson wearing my Mum's birthday present!