Endings and hats

Picture 336 Today has been a good, if slightly strange day.

This evening the majority of my large extended family congregated at my Gran’s house. My Gran Nora died in February and her house is now on the market so today was possibly the last opportunity we would have to get together as a family. So, we all arrived, ordered a large quantity of fish and chips and commenced on the wine. Also my aunts and mum had been up to the house to put out all the stuff (ornaments, jewellery, crockery, cutlery etc.) for everyone to go through and see if they wanted anything. Admittedly the vast majority of it was utter crap, but there were a few lovely bits and pieces.

I got a nice few bits, a vase, some plates, a couple of beaded necklaces and a few books, including one fabulous one called “Doris’s High School Days” which I thought was particularly appropriate. It’s not that I particularly wanted lots, just a couple of things to have as momentoes of my Gran. I have to admit that I found parts of the evening really hard. As I don’t live on the island this weekend was the first time I have been back to Gran’s house since she died. I really miss her, but at the same time I know that she is in a far better place. But it was still strange to be there without her.

Possibly one of the funniest bits of the evening came when we opened up Gran’s marvellous hat box. She had loads of hats dating back to the fifties and before I knew it everyone was wearing one and insisting we all went outside for photos. I haven’t laughed with my family so much for ages and they just reminded me how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful, loving and close family. We also saw an amazing rainbow… just beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Endings and hats

  1. Looks like a wonderful day…and such wonderful hats. Thanks for sharing.

    And a beautiful rainbow too.

  2. There was a rainbow when my mum died. It’s a mighty special thing.

    I love the hats too – that one really quite suits you! I hope you kept at least one. It must have been hard in some ways, but I hope that in other ways it was a really positive experience sharing with your fantastic family the memories of a very special woman.

  3. I have kept that black one I was wearing. I hope I might get the opportunity to wear it at some point!!

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