The Dame of Sark – Undated


My Dear Nurse,

The twins are 1 year today and very flourishing! I did not write before because every mail day we expected your husband – we were all delighted to get news of you as I had heard from Nick of the serious op and all so very thankful you got there in time. They always say “Good comes out of Evil” so we must admit that the Evil of the evacuees having to go that particular day brought Good in the shape of a boat to take you over! Thank heaven for that. The twins have been very good, they “grizzled” a bit at the strange bedroom, otherwise they settled down at once. Mrs Bishops has been marvellous and Margaret has too, and I got her to sleep with them, so they were quite happy whenever they awoke, but they mostly sleep all night though.

I do hope you are comfortable now the first 11 days are past, I will go on fine.

I am finding life very lonesome now, but am always busy.

Yours with every good wish.

Sibyl Hathaway