The Dame of Sark – December 25th [1943]

December 25th [1943]

Dear Nurse,

Thank you so much for sending me the photos. They are so good and a souvenir of you all – I do wish you the best of things for 1944. Those are luck figures and I feel sure the year will bring re-union – though I must say the new ration books are a bit pessimistic. Up to 1946. I have been here so long I feel just like Mrs Noah in the Ark. Water all round and lots of queer animals inside and complete isolation, and food problems!!! We have a nice old German Dr now – he has just attended Mr Gerald Hamons confinement. They all say he is very kind – not a word of English! Much perturbed at the amount of rickets in all the children under 3. So I am wondering what Guernsey can be like.

I hope you are all now “settled in” and feeling fit yourself and “the Girls” flourishing.

Yrs sincerely, Sibyl Hathaway