The Dame of Sark – April 27th 1944

April 27th 1944

Dear Nurse,

Congratulations on the birth of your son! I am so glad it is a son and how you have a perfectly arranged family, as I think a boy is all the better for having an older sister – even 2! I hope you are flourishing and all the babies and that you had as good time as last? Without all the worry.

Various changes here and the G. [German] Dr dealt with the last 3 confinements. Old Ibb’s latest was to tell a woman who came here from Guernsey that she has cancer of uterus and to go at once to hospital for immediate operation or it would be too late. The wretched woman had hysterics! And then Mrs Ibb arrived and asked her if she believed in God which made her worse! She went to Guernsey and was examined by Dr. Dick who told her there was no growth at all, and she was quite healthy!! So she is back here – His next was to tell old Mr Baird that he was “standing on an eggshell and might step off into eternity at any moment”! The old man rushed off to Dr. Collings and found there was nothing but slightly high blood pressure! I feel this will all amuse you knowing the old Ibb.

The present G. Dr. takes Phyllis round to all his cases, even to a confinement!! So she now thinks herself quite a C.M.B.

Food is sketchy here now as we have had no meat for 4 weeks and no fish – (am so tired of lobster) and lots are without potatoes. Thank goodness for my rabbits. Everything is growing well and such hundreds of planes go over every few says that our hearts are light with expectation.

With all good wishes to you and blessings on the son.

Yrs sincerely,

Sibyl Hathaway

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  1. "we have had no meat for 4 weeks and no fish – (am so tired of lobster)"

    Love the idea that they had no meat or fish so were having to survive just on lobster. What a mad, mad time.

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