A little culture

Today The Mister and I took a little trip to The British Museum. Apart from a brief visit earlier in the year to see the Hadrian exhibition I have never had the chance to wander around the museum. It’s fascinating, but I have decided that I really do have a fascination with death, dying and the rituals associated with these major events. Anyway, the other thing I realised is that I do have the shortest attention span in the world… after about 15 minutes of seeing one thing or the other I get pretty bored. I still adore the roof though, and The Mister had to stop me taking even more photos of it.

At the British Museum at the moment they have five contemporary sculptures on display including one by Ron Mueck that The Mister wanted to see and an Anthony Gormley that I wanted to see. The Ron Mueck one is pictured here on the right… it was fab but odd. He does very realistic sculptures of people, but they are either enormous, or dinky. This was a huge one and you could see each individual whisker and spots on the face. Very cool.

Anyway, after we had spent a couple of hours at the museum and I had got bored we wandered off to find something to eat before The Mister managed to get a cup of his favourite Tim Horton’s coffee. It’s good to keep him happy!

3 thoughts on “A little culture

  1. Tim Horton’s has made its way across the Atlantic? When I was in Canada many moons ago a friend was addicted to it.

    Sounds like a great day out.

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