Snowy walk

I decided to make the most of the snow and went out for a lovely long walk with my cousin Anna. The second cousin I didn’t actually know existed until this time last year – I turned up at the church she and her husband attend and it turns out they live around the corner. Small world isn’t it?

The snow was pretty thick in places and it was gorgeous just to be out enjoying the scenery and the chance to have an unplanned day off work. It has started snowing quite heavily again so I am wondering if I might get tomorrow off work too, although it will be rather more problematic as tomorrow I have 10 key worker appointments and 2 assessments booked in. Oh well, will have to wait and see I guess. The problem is that I am sure the major roads are absolutely fine, but the small roads near my house are really, really icy, and there are cars parked up both sides of the road. In fact, when I was out walking I saw a van sliding backwards down a very small hill and not being able to stop. I definitely don’t like driving in the snow!


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