Shaw’s Corner

Well, so far this weekend has been fun and rather busy. The Mister is here and so is Peterson.

So, yesterday we went to Shaw’s Corner, a National Trust property in Hertfordshire and the home of George Bernard Shaw.

It is a beautiful place and must less grand and less fussy than I expected. It was so cosy I could imagine living there myself and curling up in one of the chairs with a book and a cup of tea. The gardens were also beautiful, gorgeous spring flowers coming through.

Then we went over to the The Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. It was created after the second world war and has a varitey of trees planted out in the design of a full sized medieval cathedral. really what I wanted to see was lots of bluebells but I couldn’t find the place I wanted to get to!!

Anyway, it was a beautiful day to go to the tree cathedral. Only spoilt, as was lunch and a visit to Tesco’s by badly behaved screaming children. is it too much to ask for parents to encourage their children to behave in public and not either shriek back, or completely ignore them?