8 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. He is very cute. Hope he realises soon how cool his aunt is. (My niece is well aware of the fact that she has the coolest aunt in the world, but given that I am my sister’s only sib and my bro-in-law is an only child, I didn’t exactly have any competition!).

  2. Oh cute. And likewise lots of hugs for you from me xxx

    My nephew is blessed with three aunties and two step-aunties and one step-auntie-in-law (well whatever you call someone who’s married to your step-brother).

    But I still maintain I’m his favourite.

  3. Take joy in a new life brought into the world — truly one of the Creator’s best miracles.

    Embrace the desire to experience the miracle yourself. It’s Ok to ache and desire.

    Love you,

  4. By the way I noticed the 666 thing but thought it might be in bad taste to point it out! Now that you mention it though, it kind of reminded me of that Only Fools and Horses episode when Damian was born, and Rodney’s terror about the whole thing!

  5. what they said – and congrats!

    one of the best parts of being an aunt? you can play & have a ball with your nephew, give him lots of sugar & candy & treats, then send him home.

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