Why I’d Never Want to be an Elder

When I wrote my blog post on Women and Newfrontiers I had not realised that the article in the magazine was written by the same woman who writes the blog Unfurling Flower.

When she wrote on her blog about her article, I posted a comment with a link to the blog post I had written in response. Whilst the comment appeared for a very short period of time she has now removed it. There was nothing inflammatory on there, but merely a link to my blog. I feel that this is a shame as it is once again (in my mind anyway) reflective of this lack of willingness to discuss any issues. Whilst I am more than happy to link to Emily’s blog, it is such a shame that she feels unable to extend the courtesy to those who read her blog but might have a differing viewpoint.

Maybe I should write an article entitled ‘Why I’d Never Want to be an Elder’. My first point would be that I never want to be an elder in a Newfrontiers church, not because I am a woman, but because I believe that open and honest communication and discussion is crucial to developing individuals and promoting healthy Christian adults. Anything less means having people who are followers who have no idea who or what they are following and why they are doing so. Not wanting to be an elder has nothing to do with my gender, but my passion for honesty.

2 thoughts on “Why I’d Never Want to be an Elder

  1. I have tried frequently to write comments on New Frontiers Blogs about my views on different issues eg tithing, as well as women and men stuff and they are not published. I wouldn’t mind if they were published and a response came back disagreeing. I am always ready to hear and learn. I think they have a strange view of only publishing certain views. I have thought of putting forward comments on Unfurling Flower because as a women in New Frontiers I feel that I do not fit in with the image given of life as a Christian women and I often think they need to know there are many christians who think differently on these issues and who can still work together and be part of the same church.

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