Losing Our Religion

My friend William Crawley directed me to a documentary he made about faith in Northern Ireland and this has changed over a period of time. The documentary is called Losing Our Religion and can still be viewed here and is well worth a look.

William’s own story follows through from conversion at a tent mission, to preaching at several churches on a Sunday, to becoming a questioner and ultimately an individual whose faith is based on questions rather than answers. I met William through Peterson Toscano and spent several hours chewing the fat with them both – it was fun and they both made me think a lot.

I was fascinated with this documentary though. Watching William go back to some of his own haunts, re-examine where he has been from and ponder what this might mean him at the moment was really interesting. I wonder where the next stop on this journey will be though.

2 thoughts on “Losing Our Religion

  1. Wow, the doc sounds great. This spring I was able to introduce William to Glen. We had a great time and what a broad reaching conversation. Smart, smarmy and edgy. Good stuff.

    (Oh, and have you read White Teeth yet? 😛 )

  2. Oh darling I bought White Teeth from a charity shop the other day. It is on my bookcase waiting to be read. As it is a book I will need to give some proper attention and reading to I will probably save it for Christmas. But, I promise you I WILL read it!!!

    Ps) Love you xxx

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