Christmas 2009

Well we have had a really nice couple of days. Yesterday was spent with my sister, brother-in-law, my nephew Barnabas and my parents. It was really nice to have a relatively chilled out Christmas days. For many years Christmas days were a triumph of stamina over sanity. We would eat lunch and then head up to Gran’s where we would open many more presents and eat a ridiculous amount of food. Times have changed but things are still good. I have to say that one of the most amusing things was seeing how delighted my Dad was with the present The Mister and I bought for him. He received a garden gnome in Tottenham Hotspur kit… Barnabas also seemed to like it!!!

Boxing Day morning was spent by a quick visit to the beach to watch the insane people (including The Mister) going in for a charity swim. This year’s theme was Dicken’s, so there were many Victorian style swimming costumes. As always the atmosphere was great fun and it was nice to catch up with a lot of people we know. This evening we met up with Dad’s side of the family. We ate food and played rubbish board games with vast amounts of cheating. Somehow we all seem unable to play these games without trying to cheat, and we are all terribly competitive. I always think it must be quite a shock for new members to the family, such as The Mister and my cousin’s girlfriend. Inevitably they cope fine, and sometimes they even come back for the next Christmas!

So, a good Christmas all round. Much happiness, and yet for me there was still moments of sadness when I see my sister with my nephew. It is hard not to wish that for myself, and yet she is a good Mum and I think she is doing a brilliant job. I hope one day I get to have those experiences, but you just never know. So happiness, tempered with a little envy, but all in all a fab couple of days.

Here are pictures for you…. (yeah alright I know there are quite a few of Barnabas but he is so very very cute!!!)


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