The weekend

I had a fabulous weekend. My parents flew over from Guernsey and we had a party on the Saturday night, kind of an evening wedding ‘do’ for those people who couldn’t make it to the island. It was lovely, but I didn’t take any photos because I was too busy drinking wine!

It was lovely having Mum and Dad here for a few days and on Sunday we went up to Constable Burton to visit their tulip festival. The claim to have planted about 6000 bulbs, but sadly as the weather has been so rotten the vast majority of the bulbs had not yet bloomed which was annoying. I did manage to take some nice pictures though.


The gardens were absolutely lovely and we even met the owner of the house. Actually I was chatting him up for some information on the house and he was telling us how expensive it was to run and he was complaining about the pollution on the side of the building from when there used to be factories in Leeds. I offered my dad’s services to come and steam-clean the building!

On Monday we took a quick trip up to Harrogate. I love that town, beautiful architecture and lovely tea-shops. What more do you want? I didn’t take too many photos, but this one was taken outside a bra shop. It amused me to much that I had to take a picture!


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  1. I think this shop has probably managed to insult most of its potential customers; no?

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