My Mum


Today it is my lovely Mum’s birthday. It’s a big birthday…. but obviously I am not going to tell you how old she actually is!!

I love my Mum, she is the bestest Mum around and she has given me so much love, support, care and laughs over the years. She is great fun, an amazing organiser and I am missing living near her at the moment. We have lived apart for many years, but at the moment I wish I lived nearer. I wish she was around the corner and so that we could go out for nice walks and play Scrabble and just spend time together. However, she is in Guernsey and I am in Yorkshire. So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her a fantastic birthday and to tell her just how very much I love her!


5 thoughts on “My Mum

  1. I too loved you not telling us her age 😉

    Your mum *is* lovely – it was a great pleasure finally to meet her, albeit only to have a very brief couple of words, at your wedding after hearing so much about her.

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