Wedding in windy Scarborough

The Mister and I have just got back from a fabulous weekend in Scarborough where our friends Lucy and Yousef got married.

We decided to make a weekend of it and stayed in a gorgeous B&B called Pillar Box Cottage which was just outside Scarborough but right near the wedding reception venue. It was absolutely gorgeous and the owners have gone well beyond what one would usually expect of a B&B. The rooms were lovely and comfortable and they had even included a fridge with proper milk and toiletries in the bathroom. Couple that with an exceptional breakfast and we were one happy couple!

P1040075Anyway, the wedding was at St Mary’s Church which is in the shadow of Scarborough Castle. A truly beautiful venue although the weather seriously conspired against us and provided gale force winds to make things really chilly.

The reception was in a lovely little hotel and the food was good… especially the bacon sarnies and chips at 10pm. All in all a fabulous day and the bride looked gorgeous and the groom was very handsome! The bride and groom also did the best choreographed dance… they had been practising for weeks I think!

P1040184Today we decided to go and explore Scarborough (and hopefully blow away The Mister’s ‘slight’ hangover. We walked up to Scarborough Castle and finally decided to become English Heritage members. The castle is extremely dramatic and very windy! Over 2500 years old the castle is mainly ruined but parts of it are still standing, including the imposing keep. I also found out that George Fox, the founder of the Society of Friends was imprisoned there for 18 months. After we had finished at the Castle we walked down to St Mary’s Church, where the wedding had been help to have a look at Anne Bronte’s grave and then we went down to the sea front for fish and chips.

A fab weekend, although we had one crisis when we got home. We walked into the kitchen to see the cat’s litter tray washed and on the side, with no cat litter in it. We had forgotten to put it out… not a good thing when you leave the cat at home alone for a weekend. So, we spent a little time hunting for cat-shit but only found that the clever kitty had found the largest plant pot in the house and had used it as a littler tray… no sight of poo though so we might find some int he house somewhere. The only downside was that the plant pot was behind the TV so she had kicked out a load of soil all over the sky box and the DVD player. I still think she was quite clever though. Doesn’t stop me feeling guilty though, and she is currently outside sulking!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time. We are planning a weekend in Scarborough at some point, so I will check out the Pillar Box Cottage. However, if the ‘fridge with proper milk and toiletries in the bathroom’ does not match the image conjured up in my mind, I will be back to blame you! 😉

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