Waddington Airshow 2010

The Mister and I have had a really nice weekend at Waddington Airshow. It is a gonormous airshow with a huge static display and a great flying show. The Mister was pant-wettingly excited to actually get to see the Vulcan fly. Every airshow we have been to he has hoped that this plane would actually make it, and so far it has been absent. This time however, he was fortunate to see it (yeah it was good, but I am still not sure what is actually so great about it to be honest!) One of my favourite bits of the day was seeing a swing and jazz female harmony group called The Manhattan Dolls – they were brilliant!

We also saw the Red Arrows who are always brilliant but they were missing one of the planes this time which made every formation look wonky and just not quite right. Anyway, we had a brilliant time and we stayed on the campsite next to the airshow which means we got to watch a bit more of today’s display whilst we were packing up (in gale force I might mention!) It was a great weekend, although The Mister and I have discovered that we are both grumpy little shites when we are tired and hungry!


2 thoughts on “Waddington Airshow 2010

  1. I saw the Vulcan last year at Bournemouth air show (well worth a visit) and that rumble-in-the-stomach growl was worth it, don’t you think? Although yes, it was just another plane!

  2. Have you read “Vulcan 607” by Rowland White? Might go some way to explaining the allure of the Vulcan. And for my generation, I guess that it reminds us of the whole Cold War business …

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