Greenbelt 2010

Well it has taken me a good few days since getting back from Greenbelt to sort out all the camping stuff, do all the washing and go back to work. I have been knackered!!

Anyway, Greenbelt this was awesome as ever. It is strange how different each year is and how differently I feel about it. I went to a few things, and here are my highlights….

1) An interview with James Wood and Tom Hollander, the writer and actor from Rev. Rev has been one of my favourite TV shows this year, funny and moving, I found it both challenging and hilarious. The interview with them was also funny, their stories about researching the show were amusing and hopefully they will be doing a new series.

2) Zic Zazou – a rather brilliant percussion musical act. About 8 Frenchman all appear on stage in blue overalls and create the most amazing music out of their ‘laboratory’. I loved it – so different and so beautiful. Fabulous!!

3) Jars of Clay – they played on the mainstage on Monday night, but they had also played in the Performance Cafe the day before. They were fantastic! Their big set was amazing, but it was their acoustic set that really had me grinning. Their harmonies were perfect and I really loved it. I was such a big fan of their when I was about 15 so I was happy they didn’t disappoint me!

4) Peter Tatchell gave a talk on sexuality in Africa. It was a really well attended session and he spoke brilliantly. I was really impressed with just how good an orator he was. He gave loads of time for questions and responded really well. Apprently there was a bit of kickback from Anglican Mainstream about him being there. His first words were “I would like to begin by paying tribute to Anglican Mainstream, who by their attacks on me and on Greenbelt, have boosted ticket sales and ensured a successful Greenbelt”.

5) Beer and Hymns – always a highlight for me. There is nothing like singing at the top of my voice whilst drinking beer, and it genuinely feeling like worship and not a piss up. Fantastic!

All in all Greenbelt was fabulous. The worst bit of it was arriving at the site on Friday to be told that due to the rain no cars were allowed in site. We had to carry everything onsite… kind of! We walked the tent on and erected that and in the meantime Anne phoned us and said she was in the carpark and had commandeered a Cheltenham Racecourse van and a golf-buggy-taxi. We managed to unload our cars straight into these vehicles and they delivered everything to the site! Hilarious!

It was also really nice to spend some time with my little cousin Sam and his loverly girlfriend Sally. I guess that this is what Greenbelt means to me – spending time with friends and getting to chill out in a creative, spiritual and dynamic environment. I love it and I am already looking forward to next year.

(I know there are two pictures of birdie’s daughter Ginger, but that is because she is just so darn cute!! So also has a bit of a thing for The Mister. As soon as she is let out her her buggy she makes her way over to him and sits next to him, stroking his leg and resting her head on his shoulder… or fist bumping with him. Very, very cute indeed!



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