6 months!

Well today is our 6 month wedding anniversary. Time has absolutely flown by and it seems only yesterday that we were planning our wedding. Those 6 months have been full of laughter and I have discovered that I am quite good at being married! The Mister is amazing and he makes me feel so safe, secure, loved, and he even makes me feel beautiful (even when I am definitely not feeling like that!) I am happier now than I ever have been and that is definitely due in part to the fact that I feel settled. Lots of people would look at our relationship and wonder how it works. I am loud, The Mister is quiet, but we seem to compliment each other perfectly. I guess that’s what it is all about… finding someone who makes you into a better person than you can be alone. The Mister smooths off some of my rough edges, and he goes a long way to making me a nicer person. Not a different person, just nicer!

So, Mister. I love you, and thankyou for being my husband!


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