Still here

Hello people, I am still here but I have been really busy and I am properly knackered. Back at work now and things are really manic as ever. Lots of changes are happening there which means loads of stress and unnecessary anxiety which makes things a bit more difficult.

I have joined Slimming World and lost 5lbs on my first week which I was pretty pleased about. There is loads that you can eat on this diet which makes things somewhat easier! Last Sunday The Mister and I went for a gym induction and I have been a couple of times since then. This morning I had an appointment there to get my programme sorted. I am concentrating on cardio to help with weight loss. However, I feel absolutely shattered now and really, really stiff. Hope I can keep it up.

Hopefully I will be the incredible shrinking woman soon!

One thought on “Still here

  1. Well done on the weight loss! I can vouch for the slimming world way – I lost over 3 stone last year and am continuing to keep it off but still enjoying meals out and treats. Just a question of eating the right things really, some in as huge proportions (as you can do with slimming world) – in my case no processed food and choosing the right things when you’re away from home. Herbs and spices are the way to go. It can be done – and if you’re exercising as well it will be even better (that’s the next step for me to tone up but I’m a lot older than you so you should find it easier)!! Keep it up.

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