Hong Kong – Day 1 & 2

Wow! What been a long day!

The Mister and I got up really early to make sure that we could get everything tidied up and the cat delivered to the cattery, before going to the airport for our flight at 10.45 to Amsterdam. However, just before we were due to leave the House The Mister checked the airport departures and found that our flight had been cancelled. At that minute the taxi pulled up so we decided to go anyway and see what was going on. What was going on was we joined a long queue! So we queued for about an hour or so only to be told that they would rebook us onto the 16.50 flight. So we decided to go home for a few hours.

(As an aside here… you know how you should never make statements like “There’s a bomb in that case”? Well some wanker in the queue decided it would be funny to make such a pronouncement, he also happened to be standing right next to us. The next thing we know there are airport officials and police arriving to escort him away. Not advisable!)

So, after a few hours at home we went back to the airport and caught our flight to Schipol Airport which, quite frankly, is the best airport I have ever been to! They have all sorts of interesting things to see, including a library with ipads with information about Holland and literature, art, music, architecture etc. The building is just interesting They have tulips everywhere and giant Delft-ware cups and saucers that are actually table and chairs, Very cool.

The flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong was long – about 10 hours and we left at Amsterdam at 21.50 Dutch time. The food on the plane was surprisingly good and most people seemed to sleep for the majority of the time. I slept for maybe an hour, deliberately as I want to go to bed pretty soon after we have eaten tonight. I hope to sleep! I managed to get through three movies during the flight, Eat Pray, Love, Daybreak and the Social Network.

So we are now just over 24 hours awake and I am starting to feel it. Should be arriving in Hong Kong in about an hour… then dinner and bed I think!

Ps) Will try to write something most days as it will help me remember what we have been doing – will also try and sort out some photos… especially for my mother-in-law who likes to stalk follow what we are up to.

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