At the moment life is very busy and tiring and there is almost too much going on. Mainly we are starting to pack up the house and get things ready to move. Packing is even more complicated by the fact that we are having to pack for three different things; stuff to go into storage, stuff to go to Mum and Dad’s and stuff for camping. It seems to make things even more complicated.

We haven’t even really thought about jobs yet. However, I did have a very interesting conversation though with a guy who might be able to help somewhat with the job thing. It’s quite a strange story as my aunt and uncle who live in Argentina met this guys elderly parents out there and they told my aunt and uncle that their son lived on The Rock… so when they were there they met up with him, talked to him about me and gave me his phone number. So, I texted him and he phoned me and it turns out he is a consultant psych working in mental health and his good mate is the drug and alcohol consultant. How weird is that (if you follwed the story!)… maybe there is something in this planning that isn’t just of us and maybe God is involved just a little bit too.

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  1. Good luck with the packing. You have my sympathy. I once had stuff going in four directions (storage, holiday, new place and interim lodgings). It takes a bit of co-ordinating to get it all back in one location when you are finally where you are aiming to be!!

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