The joys and trials of trying to get up the duff

Trying to conceive is officially the most disappointing and the saddest thing I have ever done. What should be joyful is bloody hard work at time.

I never expected things to be straightforward but I always hoped. Somehow having to know my cycle intimately, knowing when I am ovulating, checking cervical mucus, taking my temperature every morning, using ovulation tests seems to take all the fun out of trying to get pregnant.

Every month I hope and hope that this has been the month that everything has worked.

Every month I am disappointed.

Every month is like a bereavement. Grieving for the things I have hoped for. Grieving for the things that I don’t have, and don’t know if I will ever obtain.

One day I hope it will work. If it doesn’t I don’t know what I am going to do. If I can’t be a mother I am not sure what my life will look like.

5 thoughts on “The joys and trials of trying to get up the duff

  1. The whole process can be pants, however your uterus does not define who you are!
    As you know I went through the whole IVF process IUI Clomid the works to no avail and have had to go in another direction,….got a dog.
    If you haven’t already, go to the docs for investigations, it could be a very simple problem, if its not at least you have began the process early.
    The process will hopefully end happily, and if it doesn’t you will still have a fulfilling life with a wonderful husband. Remember you reproductive system does not define you or your life.

  2. I also don’t have any great words but wanted to say something that says that others are reading what you’re going through and caring and sending love and big hopes that it will all work! xx

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