New job

Well tomorrow is that start of another era. I start a new job – still in drug and alcohol but I suspect it will be rather different to my last job! I am kind of looking forward to going back to work, but to be perfectly honest I like being at home. I like being able to cook and bake and sew and I don’t even mind cleaning. However, I have to go back to work to make some cash so we can buy a house!!! Now we just need The Mister to get a job and life will be almost perfect.

8 thoughts on “New job

  1. Sounds like a dream job – drugs and alcohol. Do you get any sex and rock’n’roll as well? (or do you not quite mean what you put in the first sentence???)

  2. I hope your first week (and a bit) has gone well and that you soon find your work rhythm again (I found it really hard after a year and a half of not working (that was by choice. The going back was by necessity!) ) (too many brackets in that sentence!) Prayers that the Mister finds his perfect job soon.

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