2012 Project365 (Day 22)

Day 22 - St Matthew's ChurchAfter a big Sunday lunch Mum and The Mister and I managed to drag ourselves out for a walk. The light was starting to go so this picture doesn’t have quite the same brightness I would have hoped for.

This is St Matthew’s Church which was completed in November 1854. It has quite an interesting history as a young girl, Marianne Carey felt sorry for all the local fishermen who had to travel all of two miles to their local church raised the money to build the church. She raised £1600 for the building and continued to raise money for the Vicar’s stipend.

I love this church, and in particular I love this view of the circular back wall, in the sunlight the beautiful Guernsey granite seems to glow. It can be seen right from the beach which would seem particularly appropriate as it is the fisherman’s church.

I also love this little church as my Grandpa and Gran Nora and Auntie Doris and Auntie Reta as well as my great-grand-parents are all buried in the graveyard here. You could say that this is truly my family church!