2012 Project365 (Day 37)

Day 37 - Family Partnership Model ModelFor the last few weeks I have been doing some training called The Family Partnership Model (FPM) training. It is basically about working in partnership with the clients and enabling them to see their strengths, weaknesses and well as look at their own resolutions to address their situation. It tries to avoid the professionals becoming the experts and it is very much an empowerment model.

It was a good course, and the only real complaint I have is that the title and the language excludes a lot of people because it assumes that it is only appropriate for work with families, this model works really well with all sorts of people. I hope that they might change the language in the training and make it much more inclusive.

Anyway, today’s picture is of one of the tasks in our training course. We had to get into groups and make a model that represents the FPM. It was a bit of a fun and our model was meant to represent a bridge, with the ‘HELPING PROCESS’ written on it. The little red and yellow blobs are meant to be the people involved in the process, both helpers and clients and the feathers represent all of the ‘fluffy ‘ bits of therapeutic work such as empathy, unconditional positive regard etc. Seriously, I can make paper and feathers and lolly sticks mean anything I want!!!