2012 Project365 (Day 65)

Rainbow of patchwork!I am busy patchworking at the moment. This time however I am doing some machine patchwork but the preparation seems have taken forever!

I am sewing long lengths (10 metres!) of each colour, with varying widths of different patterns in one colour theme, these will then be put together in colour block so they look more impressive! I have ironed the red, yellow and purple strips but the other colours have yet to be ironed flat which is why they look a lot more scruffy! It’s going to look fabulous when it’s done though!

I love patchworking, and I love seeing something come together. I know this isn’t the best picture in the world but I kind of forgot about taking one tonight. The light was going and my phone didn’t really know which pattern to focus on I think!

One thought on “2012 Project365 (Day 65)

  1. Can I be very sad and say that I like ironing fabric for sewing even though I really dislike ironing clothes?

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