2012 Project365 (Day 75)

Silverback gorillaToday The Mister and I spent all day at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – better known as Jersey Zoo. It is a brilliant place to go and visit and it was the the only zoo that houses only endangered breeding species. The zoo has an active breeding programme and also funds loads of projects involve din preserving the animals in their natural habitat. The zoo has an educational function and seems to welcome school groups.

I have to admit that going to a zoo in March might seem a bit daft but it was absolutely lovely. It was quiet and whilst there were a few animals that didn’t come out because it was too cold, most of the creatures were out an about.

I love all primates and Jersey Zoo has a fabulous orangutan and gibbon enclosure and a brilliant gorilla enclosure. The zoo is famous for its gorillas as in August 1986 a 5-year -old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. Jambo, the male silverback gorilla, stood guard over the unconscious child. He was observed to be protecting him and even stroking the child. The gorilla that is pictured here is called Bandongo and he is a young male. Apparently he is a bit of a stud-muffin and the three lady gorillas are all fawning over him and apparently he is getting a lot of sex! The keepers are hoping for a baby boom at the end of the year!

We had a lovely day, and I thoroughly recommend the zoo for a visit. Even better was we had vouchers to get in half price. Fab!