2012 Project365 (Day 87)

Billy the CatIt’s been another gorgeous day here today. Sadly I spent most of it secreted away in an office listening to drug users talk rubbish at me! I have no idea how I am going to cope in the middle of summer when I am just able to look out at the sunshine and not get out there and enjoy it!

Billy the Cat has been quite poorly. He went right off his food which, as any of you who may have met Billy would know, means he was Proper Poorly. I don’t think he ate for nearly a week which was unheard of! It turned out that he had ringworm so a quick dose of wormer and he has got better since then. He is such a character and we would be gutted to lose him!

3 thoughts on “2012 Project365 (Day 87)

  1. Ah well, there must be some torture for all of those gorgeous views you get to see, wouldn’t be fair on the rest of us otherwise!

  2. He he Ferijen! 🙂

    What a beautiful cat Billy is; I hope he gets better soon.

    And sympathy, and much respect, for you, Surfing and all involved in helping others in difficult situations.

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