2012 Project365 (Day 127)

Compassion UKThis weekend is New Wine Guensey and Mum and Dad have been helping to staff a Compassion stall at the event.

Compassion UK is an amazing child sponsorship charity which operates across some of the poorest countries in the world. It only costs £21 to sponsor a child every month and that will make such a massive difference to a child and their family. Mum and Dad are Compassion reps and have been to visit a couple of their sponsor children, in Rwanda and Ethiopa and they have seen first hand what a difference the sponsorship makes.

We have a child in Haiti and look forward to hearing from her. She sends us letters and we write back to her, telling her what we do and about our family. I think that amazing thing about the charity is that because you get letters from your child it feels very personal.

If you don’t sponsor a child, please consider it. It can make such a difference to their lives.