2012 Project365 (Day 139)

Sharing the loveMy nephew Barnabas is looking so grown-up these days. He is going to be 3 in July but he is becoming more and more entertaining. He has this new thing of if you ask him what he has been doing or whether he has been good he kind of tilts his head downwards and then sheepishly looks up at you through his eyelashes. It’s absolutely hilarious!

My parting comment to him is always “Do you know how much I love you Barnabas?” to which he replies “Yes, to the moon and back”. That just about sums it up I reckon.

This picture is of him showing some love to a more reluctant Justin!

One thought on “2012 Project365 (Day 139)

  1. To the moon and back is just under half a million miles, whereas Al Jolson was prepared to walk as much as a million miles just to see his mammy smile. I reckon you should up your love for Barnabas to, at the least, to the moon and back twice.

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