4 thoughts on “2012 Project365 (Day 214)

  1. We chose a family name, made it easier! Baby Ferijen’s surname (which is not mine) is one that ruled out one of my favourite first names as he’d have shared it with a famous person, that was going to be his second name until, listening to a Bill Bryson audiobook during labour I said “what about William as a middle name” so he’s Xxxx William xxxx.

    Urban dictionary the initials though, just in case…

  2. No bright ideas, for the middle names of my daughter we went back and got two – one from my side and one from her dad’s side.

    Really difficult thing though, so thinking of you and your wonderful baby as you do this.

  3. How about Simeon (= He Heard!!)
    Or you could just not decide until you see him, but then you might call him Winston I guess!!

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