2012 Project365 (Day 236)

The Raising of the FlagsWe arrived onsite at Greenbelt at 11ish and managed to locate our usual camping area and put up the canvas mansion. It was fabulous to see people we haven’t seen since last year.

As always we raised the Guernsey flag, accompanied by compulsory national anthem and this year we had an additional flag – a lovely gay marriage flag to add to the party!

On Friday we managed to go for a wander onto the festival site and we also saw Peterson Toscano performing Transfigurations which was fabulous!

3 thoughts on “2012 Project365 (Day 236)

  1. Thanks for the flag – it helped navigation before our own went up 50 metres away! Where else would you find Guernsey and Monmouthshire so close?

  2. Do you know, I spotted those flags and wondered if it was you! We were a bit closer to the main festival site, but not too far from you! (we had a rainbow twirly thing above our tent, which I have to say on Sunday night when it was really windy made a right racket, sorry tent neighbours!)

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