2012 Project365 (Day 265)

Seat padsI feel stuck. I feel as though nothing is happening with the house because we are waiting for quotes and stuff to come back. I just want something to happen so that I can feel as though we are making progress. I now feel really doubtful that we will be in before Winston is born and I am really sad about that. I so wanted to be settled in our own home because I feel like we would actually have space then. I know it can’t be helped but it is a bit frustrating.

So, I went to the warehouse today and picked up these seat pads for our kitchen chairs. These chairs used to be in the dining room at Gran’s house and I intend to cover them with some lovely stripey fabric. I am not really going to tart the chairs up too much otherwise as they have a lovely battered quality about them!

2 thoughts on “2012 Project365 (Day 265)

  1. I found when we were building that if I could cross at least one thing off our HUGE list, even the tiniest thing, it kept the momentum going when other things felt stalled eg waiting for brickies, waiting for the rain to stop etc …

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