2012 Project365 (Day 329)

Mini CakesI was considering going to work today to try and deal with some paperwork but I was banned from going because I was so knackered and a pathetic mess yesterday.

Fortunately I was saved by the fact that when I got home from church there was a big delivery from Lakeland. I love this shop, I mean it sells so many things that I never knew I needed! I was quite restrained and had mainly bought stuff that I did actually need, like one of their oven liners to try and keep my new oven clean.

The most exciting thing in the box though was the Mini Sandwich Tin which has loose bottoms in each section so it makes it dead easy to get all the cakes out! It’s brilliant and I made some Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes and some Mini Lemon Curd Sponge Cakes. They look divine and I have made them to take to work tomorrow for my final team meeting before I go off on maternity leave. Yum yum!

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