2012 Project365 (Day 358)

Best birthday presentToday is my 37th birthday and, by all accounts, it has been quite a quiet one. The Mister has been at work for some of the day and my sister and her family came for lunch. I still have quite a bit of pain from bruising which is frustrating and I am hoping that it clears up soon. So, it has been slightly quieter than usual.

I have had some lovely presents, and in particular I have done well on the jewellery front. This is my best present ever though. I still can’t quite believe that The Little Mister is here and I feel very fortunate right now.

2 thoughts on “2012 Project365 (Day 358)

  1. If you’ve not experienced it yet, that is the worst angle for poo explosions when you’re home alone. //reminiscing…

    Hope you feel less sore soon. He’s lovely 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

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