2013 Project365 (Day 33)

Sorting woodThis weekend my niece and nephew have come to stay at their grandparents whilst their parents have a little break to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

This afternoon Mum and I took Barnabas and Eden out to the play park and when we got back Barnabas was helping Dad “sort wood”.

Barnabas is awesome and I have to say that he has been so, so sweet with The Little Mister. He regularly comes up to him and stroked him on the head, especially if he is crying he will try to comfort him. It’s really lovely to see.

The most amusing bit of the afternoon though was that I happened to catch sight of Barnabas wielding a large saw trying to cut up a log. Health and safety? What’s that?!!!

One thought on “2013 Project365 (Day 33)

  1. There is nothing quite like letting small children have grown up tools. Reminds me of many happy hours spent in the shed/ at the bottom of the garden with my Grandad.

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