2013 Project365 (Day 47)

Moving in dayHurray! We have moved in!

We were up early and had emptied our room at Mum and Dad’s and packed the van by about 10.15am. I thought that was pretty good going. So, we now have a house full of stuff and have to find places to put it all. Not easy in a bungalow with next to no storage! Our loft currently looks like a charity shop!

We are massively grateful to my parents who have let us live with them for 18 months and who have supported us in lots of different ways over that time. Living with them really hasn’t bee a trial, in fact it has been a pleasure (not sure whether they would agree with that or not!) and I will miss being there. It has been especially nice since we had The Little Mister and I know Mum is going to miss seeing him first thing in the morning.

Having said all that, I have to admit that it is pretty nice (if slightly odd) to be in our own house. This evening we had a splendid meal of fish and chips and red wine and in a little while we will finish it off with strawberries and ice-cream.

We are so blessed. Life is good.

3 thoughts on “2013 Project365 (Day 47)

  1. Great news that you have moved in. When you wake in the morning you will probably wonder where you are for the first few seconds. Have a wonderful life there. Give the Little Mister a hug from me. Love and God Bless. XXX Mum

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