2013 Project365 (Day 93)

Happy AnniversaryToday The Mister and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a trip to the soft play centre. It’s not exactly the most romantic place in the world but hey ho!

Three years ago was one of the best days of my life, only equalled by the birth of my beautiful son.

Being married to the right person is so important and I like to think that The Mister and I complement each other, even though we are so very different. My post from last year talks about the fact that I feel very lucky and that hasn’t changed, in fact I feel even more strongly about that now.

We are lucky and life is good.

So, My lovely Mister, I love you so much and here’s to many more year to come xxx

(I know the photo is odd because it looks like my arms have been dislocated but this is the only picture we have of the two of us which was taken today!)

One thought on “2013 Project365 (Day 93)

  1. It doesn’t look funny it looks lovely – congrats on three years 🙂 – and I think it’s the perfect spot to celebrate ’cause for so long it was one of those places you didn’t ever think you’d be going to for your own child – and now you do 🙂 – I think that’s awesome!

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