2013 Project365 (Day 121)

Man tools!Since finishing the house we have done next to nothing to it even though there are a few bits that need finishing off.

The Mister has spent a bit of time out in his garage. I think he needs manly escape places and he also has one on the loft!

He has been playing with his man tools and he has created this excellent workbench out of old pallets and the leftover kitchen worktop. He looks very pleased with himself and so he should!

One thought on “2013 Project365 (Day 121)

  1. Brilliant, Paul. What is the first thing you are going to make/do on the bench. Will it be finishing the fire surround, starting some plants off or just pretending you are doing something worthwhile to get out of the house? Can you lock the door from the inside to keep out unwanted callers? He-He! Whatever – enjoy it.

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