Auntie Doris

Auntie Doris One of my big heroines is my Auntie Doris and it is after her that I chose to be named on the Ship of Fools. During our visit to the Occupation Museum yesterday if asked the owner if he had any pictures of her, and whilst he didn’t have any on display, he […]

Notes from a Small Island 2

WARNING: be prepared for a long blog entry!!! SBW and I have had a lovely day today. I took my Mum to school at some ungodly time this morning so we could use her car and as a result we were able to go out and about and visit some tourist sites. So, first things […]

Notes from a Small Island 1

Well SBW and I arrived safe and sound in Guernsey on Saturday. The journey was quite frustrating though as it took us over an hour to get through the security at Gatwick – i hope they sort it out soon as it is really getting on my nerves. Yesterday was quite busy with church and […]