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2013 Project365 (Day 125)

Bubbly babeThe Little Mister loves his baths and he is shaping up to be a real water baby.

Most days The Mister will bathe him and I can hear him chatting away and The Little Mister giggling and screeching with pleasure. It’s just delightful.

The Little Mister has been enrolled in swimming lessons starting in September, but we are going for a holiday in Jersey in a few weeks so we will see if the hotel swimming pool is warm enough for him. I am not sure he will like the cold but I think he will love the water!

2013 Project365 (Day 119)

The islandsThis afternoon The Little Mister and I went for a coffee with my friend Rachael and her gorgeous daughter who is a few weeks older than The Little Mister.

The strange thing is that Rachael and I were at school together and whilst we knew each other we weren’t especially good friends. Fate has now intervened and we find ourselves at similar points in our lives in terms of having children which is lovely.

So, this afternoon we sat and chewed the fat, drank coffee, nursed our babies and gazed at this glorious view.

Yeah, the simple pleasures of life are pretty spectacular these days.

2013 Project365 (Day 108)

We are familyMy cousin and his wife had a baby 4 days after The Little Mister was born.

This is Clara and her Granny (my aunt) with The Little Mister. Clara feels like a cute light little dolly in comparison to the chunk on the right!

One of the things I remember about growing up on the island was spending time with my cousins. I hope that our children have the same experiences and get to enjoy time on the beach, playing together and enjoying being family.

2013 Project365 (Day 106)

Bleurgh!Our poor boy has a nasty cold which seems to have been making him a bit pukey. Poor little thing is coughing and sniffing all over the place.

We were having a lovely snuggle when he suddenly puked all over my shoulder. Gross! Minutes after this he was all smiles again though.

I hope he gets over it soon because I hate seeing him poorly.

2013 Project365 (Day 103)

The Light of my LifeWell I have had a bit of a crappy day.

The Mister still has a stinking cold and is coughing, spluttering and snorting everywhere. The Little Mister is also full of snot and I have generally been feeling rubbish and a bit tearful today.

When The Mister went to work I went to my Mum and Dad’s and cried. Then I lay on the sofa in front of the fire and slept and read my book whilst Mum took The Little Mister for a walk to make him sleep.

Now I feel much better. This photo was taken after The Little Mister had a bath and a baby massage. He has started looking at himself in mirrors, we have one on the headrest of the car so I can see him and I caught him smiling at himself. I think he is watching himself in this picture and it certainly cheered me up.

2013 Project365 (Day 101)

FamilyToday was the final day before The Mister’s parents went home.

We spent the morning driving about the island and stopping off at a couple of places, including Beaucette Marina and then lunch at Vazon Bay.

The Little Mister had a pretty bad night though as he has a horrible croupy cough which kept us all awake. In fact The Mister has a horrible cold so I was stuck between him snotting everywhere and The Little Mister barking. Lovely.

2013 Project365 (Day 98)

8 April 2013Today the last of our visitors went home and my in-laws moved in for a few days.

We have had a brilliant week with our friends visiting. It is such a privilege to have friends who are willing to travel and spend time with us and we try to grab a few weeks together over the year, whether it is camping, over New Year or at Greenbelt.

The Little Mister seems to tolerate sitting in his ring for a while as long as he has some toys to play with and chew on. It’s great to have somewhere to put him for little while whilst I cook a meal or tidy up. This is my son and my father-in-law entertaining each other – they were smiling away at each other which was quite entertaining.