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2013 Project365 (Day 97)

ThanksgivingToday we had a really lovely day as it was The Little Mister’s thanksgiving service. We decided not to have him baptised but wanted to have a little service to say thankyou to God for him and welcome him into the Christian church.

Lots of our family attended which was really special for us and we were thrilled that they could share our day with us. Also my Uncle Nick was able to do the service as he is a Bishop in Argentina and was over visiting for a few days. Today’s picture is of part of the service and obviously wasn’t taken by me. My Auntie Karen sent it to me and she also does photo of the day and she blips over here.

Here is also a bonus picture as I just love this photo of my beautiful boy. He is also wearing the most awesome tank top ever!
Gorgeous boy

2013 Project365 (Day 89)

BoysToday our friends Tom and Anne arrived with their three boys, Matthew, Andrew and Mark.

They have come to help us celebrate The Little Mister’s Christening and to be his godparents. It also means that we get a little holiday with them and have a change to wander around the island beaches etc.

It’s so lovely to see them and the boys have grown up so much!

2013 Project365 (Day 88)

Morning Mummy!Morning! This was what greeted me on waking up today.

I think he is looking much older than his 15 weeks, and he has a really strong neck and back. I moved him out of his Cocoon into the proper sitting up buggy. I did this because yesterday when we were out walking he was wide awake and looking around. Today however, by the time I had finished faffing about with the buggy he was sound asleep. Typical!

(Sorry it is another baby picture which must be getting rather dull for some people. The rest of my day consisted of cleaning, cooking and lunch with my parents. No other interesting photos at all!)

2013 Project365 (Day 87)

SmilesOur little bear is such a smiler these days. He has this gorgeous lopsided grin that makes my heart skip a beat.

When I see his little face it makes me remember that all those disappointing months were worth it. I remember all too well the disappointment and the fear that it would never happen. We are very fortunate, that much I know.

I still hope and pray for those of my friends who haven’t managed it yet. I hope they do. The wait is worth it.

2013 Project365 (Day 85)

Sophie the GiraffeThe Little Mister has a new friend called Sophie the Giraffe.

She arrived in the post this morning and The Little Mister already loves chewing on her nose. This toy is meant to be really good for teething babies as it is easy to grasp and soft to chew on. It also squeaks so it kind of reminds me of a dog toy!

This evening The Little Mister rolled from lying on his tummy and pushed himself onto his back. He did it twice but refused to perform when I got the camera out!

2013 Project365 (Day 83)

Sunday lunchToday we were at my parents house for lunch.

I left The Little Mister asleep in the hallway whilst we had our meal and when I went out to check on him it would seem he had been partying all on his own.

I think Grandpa might have been responsible for this photo somehow because he thought it was hilarious!

2013 Project365 (Day 82)

Water babyThe Little Mister loves the water and thoroughly enjoys bathtime, especially when Daddy is supervising! He kicks hard and propels himself up and down the bath. We have given up with the little baby bath or any support as he just likes lying flat on his back and kicking away.

I can’t wait until he starts swimming lessons in September, well he will start if I ever remember to fill in the forms which I have lost again. I must remember to go and get a replacement!

I had swimming lessons as a child and I think it is so important for kids to be able to swim, especially living over here.

Let’s hope he copes as well in the cold water of a swimming pool as he does in a nice warm bath!

2013 Project365 (Day 81)

Photographing the photographerThis afternoon I took The Little Mister to have some more photos done with Yasmin.

I love watching her work but especially when she is taking photos of my favourite subject.

He was asleep for about half the photoshoot and protested highly to being woken up. We also had a few photos done of me breastfeeding him as this is something that I really want to remember.

Can’t wait to see the result!