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2013 Project365 (Day 123)

BeachAhhh Guernsey in the sun is just the most heavenly place!

My sister and I took the kids to the beach at about 4pm today. It was still gorgeous and sunny and even warm and the children enjoyed playing in the sand and water. Who could want more? We had the beach almost to ourselves and it was perfect!

Of course we had to enjoy a small ice-cream just to feel like it really is spring!

2013 Project365 (Day 92)

Swinging funToday we went out to the beach and the park at Ladies Bay. It was a beautiful sunny day but it was so, so chilly. The wind was bitterly cold which was a real shame so in the end we walked to a cafe for a coffee.

This afternoon we went to the Little Chapel before meeting up with birdie and the family. It was so lovely to see them and the children have grown and changed so much.

Dinner tonight was chaos, 6 adults, 4 children eating, 1 child not eating and a baby. It was mental. Rather like being camping but just as fun!

2013 Project365 (Day 86)

It's a crisis!Whilst I am on maternity leave I am trying to have lunch with my Mum, sister and the kids. It’s nice to get the chance to try out one of the different cafes.

Today we went to The Beach House a Pembroke Beach and we went for a short walk before we ate.

Barnabas had a slight crisis during the walk, all because his Mum was pushing his truck along the beach. It might be a little bit cruel to post this picture but it amused me because it kind of looks like his monster hat is eating his head1!

2013 Project365 (Day 64)

Solo boatToday The Little Mister and I met up with some friend from ante-natal and post-natal classes. It is always nice to meet up with other people with babies the same sort of age.

It was such a gorgeous day that we decided to park a bit further around the coast and walk to the coffee shop. It was lovely and sunny and it felt like Spring is imminent. This little boat caught my attention, it was bobbing away on a beautifully calm sea. Lovely.

2013 Project365 (Day 48)

Sunday afternoon walkIt has been just the most beautiful day in Guernsey today. It has been sunny and clear and looking out of the window it would be easy to be mistaken into thinking that it is June or July. However, the air was much chillier that you would expect.

We had a lovely lunch together at Mum and Dad’s, along with my sister and Eden (my brother-in-law and nephew are in England for the weekend) and my aunt. On such a lovely day it would be wrong not to go out for a nice walk so we walked to Vazon and back. Lovely.

2013 Project365 (Day 37)

Wind and wavesToday my sister and I walked to the restaurant at Vazon Bay and had lunch. It was so blustery on the way there although the wind was behind us so it wasn’t too bad. Going home though was a different matter – the wind was so strong and it kept catching the buggy like it was a sail and I was worried about it being pushed into the road. Fortunately we made it home safe and sound!

The sound and smell of the sea when the wind is strong is just extraordinary. It was a beautiful colour today and the sound of the crashing waves is the sound of home.

2013 Project365 (Day 22)

West Coast walkIt was a slow and lazy start to the day for The Mister, The Little Mister and myself. I mean it was grim out there… raining and cold.

Eventually the weather cleared up and we managed to get out for a short walk across the beach to Grandes Rocques and then back to Cobo Tearooms. They have been shut for a few weeks and reopened today. Just as well as I have been dreaming about their Victoria Sponge cake.

This photo is of The Mister with his parents and The Little Mister is tucked up snugly somewhere in that buggy!

2013 Project365 (Day 16)

ShadowsThe Little Mister was really unsettled this afternoon. He would guzzle down his milk and then end up puking it all up again. He hasn’t wanted to be put down at all and I haven’t got anything done.

I decided to take him out in the pram for a quick walk across the beach. A gorgeous but chilly day and the low sun was just beautiful. As we left the house he promptly went to sleep. He stayed asleep throughout the walk when he woke 5 minutes from home and resumed screaming. Typical!!

2013 Project365 (Day 15)

Vazon beachThis afternoon I went with my sister and the children to Vazon beach. It was absolutely freezing down, mainly because the wind was bitingly cold, but it was lovely to be out and about.

We took a walk across the beach to the groynes before heading up to the new Vista cafe for a most satisfactory coffee.

I have been tucking The Little Mister up in the Close sling which he seems to like and it saves me having to take the buggy out.

2012 Project365 (Day 361)

Charity Boxing Day DipThis morning was cloudy and warmish but the wind was extremely chilly. That didn’t stop the several hundred mentally unstable people who took part in the annual Boxing Day Dip in aid of the Guernsey Cheshire Homes. I love this event and we always see lots of people we know and enjoy having a short walk out to the beach. The community gathers together and there is something rather lovely about that.

This year my cousin Stefi, The Mister and my brother-in-law decided to brave the cold and go in. Here they are pulling their ‘Muscle Face’ before legging it into the sea whilst screaming like pre-teen girls.