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2012 Project365 (Day 361)

Charity Boxing Day DipThis morning was cloudy and warmish but the wind was extremely chilly. That didn’t stop the several hundred mentally unstable people who took part in the annual Boxing Day Dip in aid of the Guernsey Cheshire Homes. I love this event and we always see lots of people we know and enjoy having a short walk out to the beach. The community gathers together and there is something rather lovely about that.

This year my cousin Stefi, The Mister and my brother-in-law decided to brave the cold and go in. Here they are pulling their ‘Muscle Face’ before legging it into the sea whilst screaming like pre-teen girls.

2012 Project365 (Day 360)

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas everyone. I hope that you have all had a wonderful day.

As far at Christmasses go this one has been quite quiet – well in terms of there only being 7 adults for lunch as my sister and her husband and my niece and nephew were here for lunch. The kids have been hilarious all day. It has been a lovely day other than I have been feeling very uncomfortable today.

The highlight of my day was seeing kids open their presents. Barnabas received a Play Mobile garage from us and Eden received this buggy and dolly. It was a massive hit!

2012 Project365 (Day 347)

13 December 2012My Auntie Jen is a brilliant jam and chutney maker. In the lead up to Christmas I reckon she has made gallons of the stuff and has packaged and parcelled it all up in gorgeous jars and hampers which she sells. Her preserves also absolutely delicious!

I needed to get a gift for someone so paid a visit to her house to check out her jam bookcase. It’s starting to look sadly depleted now so after Christmas I think she needs to get preserving.

2012 Project365 (Day 344)

Christmas AngelCan you tell that I am really tired and not massively keen on going out of the house at the moment? Most of my pictures seem to be of the Christmas decorations that are going up.

Mum has a lot of Christmas angels which tend to sit on the mantlepiece in the lounge. This is all very well except that our stupid cat Billy seems to see them as some sort of challenge and he likes to jump up at one end and run the gauntlet along the mantlepiece without knocking anything over. He never manages it, but things only get more complicated when birthday cards end up on the shelf as well!