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2013 Project365 (Day 129)

Guernsey Liberation DayHappy Liberation Day!

Today, 9 May, is very important to people from Guernsey as it marks the anniversary of the date that the island was liberated from The German Occupying Forces.

The Mister was working until 2pm so The Little Mister and I spent the morning at my parents house although we took a little walk along by the beach. As I walked I wondered what it must have felt like, all those years ago, to finally realise that the long 5 years of Occupation were over. I am pretty sure that none of the islanders had really thought about how bad restrictions were going to become in that time, and at the end most people were surviving on the Red Cross parcels that were able to get through. The relief of Liberation must have been amazing.

I am so very very grateful that I live on this beautiful island. I am thankful for all those people who fought so hard for our freedom, and I am proud of the islanders who stayed went through the Occupation, whether they remained on the island, or were evacuated and especially those who ended up in work camps. Those years proved the resilience and defiance of the Guernsey people and of that I am hugely proud.

This afternoon we went to town to join in the celebrations and I came across these women, I think they were a singing group, but I think they look fabulous.

2013 Project365 (Day 126)

World Aid WalkToday was the World Aid Walk, a 20km walk raising money for 6 different charities., one of which is my sister’s charity, Hope For A Child.

Last year I did the walk along with Mum, my sister and my aunt. I didn’t do the whole walk this year by The Little Mister and I joined my Mum for the last 5km. It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day – perfect for a walk.

My Dad and my sister are on the walk organsing committee and between them they gave spent much of the day driving about, delivering water and setting up and taking down checkpoints.

My sister is doing her ‘thin’ face and I told her I had a ‘nice photo’. This is it Lou, the other one was rubbish!!

2013 Project365 (Day 124)

Guernsey lanesI seem to spend hours and hours out walking with The Little Mister in the buggy. It seems that the motion of the buggy means he will sleep much deeper and longer than if we stay at home and he goes to sleep.

Today the weather was a bit changeable but this was a gloriously sunny moment. I vaguely knew in which direction I was heading but I was just following the twists and turns of the roads. This was one of the gorgeous lanes I walked down today and it is only about 5 minutes from our house. Lovely.

2013 Project365 (Day 123)

BeachAhhh Guernsey in the sun is just the most heavenly place!

My sister and I took the kids to the beach at about 4pm today. It was still gorgeous and sunny and even warm and the children enjoyed playing in the sand and water. Who could want more? We had the beach almost to ourselves and it was perfect!

Of course we had to enjoy a small ice-cream just to feel like it really is spring!

2013 Project365 (Day 120)

The pleasures of living in GuernseyThis morning The Mister and The Little Mister and I met up with my Mum and my niece and nephew at the beach today.

The wind was cold but it was a beautiful day. Living so near such beautiful beaches is just one of the advantages of living on this little island and we are trying to take every opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures.

2013 Project365 (Day 114)

Guernsey cowsToday was one of those grey, foggy and damp days on the island. Planes were delayed, if indeed they managed to get in at all and the whole island felt quite peaceful and still.

The Little Mister and I went for a lovely walk this morning with the destination of a beach cafe for lunch. Our route to get there was extremely circuitous, largely because I got lost. We ended up walking down some tiny little lanes and ended up walking past a farm with a whole load of beautiful Guernsey cows. The lady there was quite happy for me to pop in and take some photos.

Such lovely creatures with deep brown eyes and inquisitive temperaments. I have to admit to having a certain fondness for the lovely Guernsey cows!

2013 Project365 (Day 113)

Sausmarez ParkI have had a really lovely day today. The weather has been beautiful and we have been out and about.

This afternoon The Little Mister and I went to the park to meet with the Ladies and babies. We did a couple of laps around the park and then we drank coffee. The park is looking gorgeous and the flowers are blooming. The building in the background is St John’s Residential Home.

The only downside of the beautiful weather is that we have realised just how fair The Little Mister is. He has a rather red face today and I feel like a bad mother for not realising the sun was warm enough to burn him. i am sure he will be ok.

2013 Project365 (Day 111)

Sunday afternoonAnother gorgeous day today. The Little Mister and I walked to church and then had lunch with my sister and her family and some of their friends.

On the way home we stopped off at Richmond Kiosk and sat in the car, looked at the sear and ate some rather delicious Guernsey Ice-Cream. The Little Mister looks less than impressed about this arrangement for some reason.

After that I had a rather lovely afternoon nap whilst father and son spent some quality time together!

2013 Project365 (Day 100)

Anna's YearWell, I think this might be a fitting picture for my 100th picture this year!

This is the fabulous book that my father-in-law presented me with when they came to our house. It is all the photos I took for the 365project in 2012.

It’s such a brilliant present because 2012 was a great year for us and it is fabulous to have all those memories collected together.

2013 Project365 (Day 99)

Guernsey TapestryThis morning my mother-in-law and I went to see the Guernsey Tapestry. She has already been once before but I had never managed to make it.

It is absolutely gorgeous and was a Millenium project and charted the last 1000 years of island history. Beautifully made the 10 panels all show about 100 years of history. Each of the panels was made by the residents of a different parish.

It’s well worth going to visit and this is a completely illegal photograph that I sneaked on my phone!