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2013 Project365 (Day 92)

Swinging funToday we went out to the beach and the park at Ladies Bay. It was a beautiful sunny day but it was so, so chilly. The wind was bitterly cold which was a real shame so in the end we walked to a cafe for a coffee.

This afternoon we went to the Little Chapel before meeting up with birdie and the family. It was so lovely to see them and the children have grown and changed so much.

Dinner tonight was chaos, 6 adults, 4 children eating, 1 child not eating and a baby. It was mental. Rather like being camping but just as fun!

2013 Project365 (Day 91)

Noon Day Gun Castle CornetWe have had a lovely, if rather chilly day.

This morning we all traipsed out to St Peter Port to go to Castle Cornet as they had some Living History stuff going on. It was good but it was absolutely freezing but if you could find a sheltered patch in the sun it was lovely but the wind was bitter. The living History stuff was good but we didn’t see most of it as we couldn’t find them although there was a bloke playing an apothecary and he made Matthew cry after he suggested that he could be his apprentice but he would probably need regular bleeding. The boys also went and watched the firing off the Noon Day Gun so The Mister took this photo for me.

After that we went to watch the Hill Climb. We wandered through the pits looking at the cars and then we wandered up to the top of the hill to watch them crashing, or completing.

So, a really lovely day, bar the fact that we froze our backsides off. Not sure what we will be doing tomorrow, the beach maybe but it depends on the weather.

2013 Project365 (Day 76)

Food glorious food!Today’s picture is of my shopping list and my purse. The one thing that I have noticed since moving to Guernsey and then moving into our own house is just how expensive food is over here.

We don’t have Morrisons, Tescos or Asda and the only supermarkets we have are Waitrose, the Co-Op and Marks and Spencers food and as a result we can spend a small fortune on food.

So, from tomorrow I will menu plan and pay in cash for food in order to keep track of how much I am spending.

So, two questions…

What do you think is a reasonable shopping budget for two adults for the week?

What are your favourite meals? (cheap and healthy please!)

2013 Project365 (Day 72)

Timber!We woke to fast melting snow and an ugly grey mush on the ground. The temperature was quite reasonable today so the snow melted fast in some areas but there are still some bits where there a deep drifts of snow in the upper parishes.

One of the things that created most disruption was the amount of trees that came down. Someone on the radio said that there were at least 55 trees down that shut roads, so goodness knows how many there were all together. A man had a lucky escape when a tree fell on his car. I heard him interviewed on the radio and he said it was all over before he knew it and then he got out and started taking photos like everyone else.

It seems to be that a combination of heavy snow and high winds that caused all the problems. They also had a very high tide of 9.8 metres which has added to the problems around the coast.

This photo is taken just up the road from my parents’ house. The tree fell over, taking a large chunk of the wall. It also managed to fall in the house owners driveway and there would have been no way that they could get out that way. Wonder if they are still housebound!

2013 Project365 (Day 71)

Does my bum look big in this?'It’s still gloriously snowy in Guernsey and all the schools were shut so that meant PLAYTIME!

After spending all day at home yesterday I had serious cabin fever so decided to see just how all-terrain ou buggy was and we walked to my sister’s house for lunch and then we all walked to the park. Such a lovely day and so rare for us to get a decent amount of lovely crunchy snow!

This picture of my Mum and niece walking in the park made me chuckle. Eden has so many clothes that I was desperate to caption this, ‘Does my bum look big in this?’

A fab day and now we are home keeping warm and we will light the wood-burner relax chill on the sofa. Lovely.

2013 Project365 (Day 70)

Guernsey snow!In the Guernsey we rarely get snow. Yesterday the weathermen kept talking about red snow alerts for the Channel Islands. As usual I was more than a little skeptical about the accuracy of such reports.

The Mister was working a night shift so when I woke up at 6am and saw there was a little sprinkling of snow I thought they had, as usual, totally over-estimated the weather.

It properly started snowing at about 9am and has snowed all day. The wind has been gale force 8, gusting to gale force 9 and this is making the snow appear like it is going horizontally across the front of our house. I haven’t gone out at all. Whilst I love the snow the wind is making it just too chilly.

Most schools opened this morning and most were shut, or shutting by lunchtime. The high winds have caused electric cables to come down and trees to fall over which has only added to the woes of people trying to drive home from town. Many of the roads are small with granite walls either side which makes driving particularly treacherous. This might not look like a lot of snow for some people but they are reckoning this is the most snow to fall in Guernsey for over 50 years!

Today’s picture was the view out of our front door at 3pm. This road was clear this morning and the snow is continuing to fall and now it is freezing. I am glad to be snuggled up at home. The Little Mister and I spent this morning baking whilst The Mister slept. Now we are sitting in front of the fire watching TV. Maybe we will go out tomorrow!

2013 Project365 (Day 67)

Beautiful GuernseyIt has been such a beautiful day today. The Little Mister and I went to the cafe at church with my Mum and then wandered into town to meet The Mister for a spot of lunch. We went to investigate a different cafe to see what it is like. The food was OK but has an amazing view out over Castle Cornet.

After lunch we took a walk and The Mister took this photo for me. You can see the bathing pools in the foreground and Castle Cornet in the background.

This afternoon I went to see my friend and her new baby and then The Little Mister and I went and met my mum and my niece and nephew at one of the local beaches where we threw stones into the sea and watched the fishermen taking their little boats out.

Such an idyllic day. Life is good.

(More pics from today here.)

2013 Project365 (Day 62)

Guernsey greenhouseThe Little Mister is a little better but I decided he wasn’t well enough to take to church this morning.

So, I bundled him up well in his buggy and we went for a long walk (the ulterior motive is that it is part of my fitness plan!). We were out for about 2 hours or so and I reckon we walked about 5 miles and it was lovely. Whilst we walked I listened to Desert Island Disc podcasts and I breathed and looked at the glorious scenery and just took some time. He slept nearly the whole time we were out, only waking when we were right near to my Mum and Dad’s house!

This picture is of what is a very common sight on the island these days. The island used to have a huge horticultural industry but it has now declined significantly and the greenhouses are falling into disrepair. They don’t very often seem to get knocked down they are just left to rot away and the weeds grow through them. It’s a shame as I am sure they could be put to better use.

It has been a lovely day.

2013 Project365 (Day 48)

Sunday afternoon walkIt has been just the most beautiful day in Guernsey today. It has been sunny and clear and looking out of the window it would be easy to be mistaken into thinking that it is June or July. However, the air was much chillier that you would expect.

We had a lovely lunch together at Mum and Dad’s, along with my sister and Eden (my brother-in-law and nephew are in England for the weekend) and my aunt. On such a lovely day it would be wrong not to go out for a nice walk so we walked to Vazon and back. Lovely.