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2012 Project365 (Day 208)

KPMG Castle NightTonight I went with The Mister and my parents up to Castle Cornet for one of their KPMG sponsored Castle Nights.

For four evenings in July/August the castle opens up for free and has musical acts performing. People are welcome to bring picnics and wine and just join in the atmosphere. Tonight we saw GU10, the The Houghton Weavers and ImaginJack who are pictured here. They are a duo who sing opera. He has a spectacular moustache and they were very entertaining.

A lovely evening out, and there is one more next week. Hurray!

2012 Project365 (Day 182)

1 July 2012Last day at Sark Folk Festival and the morning greeted us with torrential rain. We had to get our tent packed up and into the container and then we were free to wander off to the site. There were definitely fewer people there today as people started to get their boats back to Guernsey.

We managed to catch the final act of the festival Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman and they were fantastic. Poor Kathryn had a hacking cough but her voice was still incredible and I was hugely entertained by their five year old daughters who sat on the edge of the stage whilst their parents performed. What was especially sweet was seeing them sing along with the songs. A brilliant way to end the festival.

So, at the end of the weekend what do I think? Sark Folk Festival is truly unique, limited to it’s size in terms of geography as much as anything I doubt whether it will attract any massive acts, but it is such a charming venue for a boutique festival. I will definitely go back, although next year might be in a B&B as I am not sure I can face camping over there with a 6 month old baby!

2012 Project365 (Day 181)

30 June 2012 Guernsey has such a brilliant line-up of local folk bands and there is a really health folk scene.

The band pictured are called The Barley Dogs and The Mister and I have seen them play a number of times. The double bass player is well known for climbing onto his bass whilst he is playing it. There are great fun and generally get the crowd up and jigging. We saw a few great bands today including The John Wesley Stone and yesterday we saw The Space Pirates of Rocquaine. It’s fabulous to see local bands doing so well.

We finished off our night by watching the amazing Show of Hands who as ever were incredible. Funny and charming they played to a packed tent and everyone seemed to love it. Multiple instruments added to the entertainment and I think they were my highlight of the festival!

2012 Project365 (Day 160)

Guernsey FolkSorry this is late people. I really wanted to post a photo of the gig that we went to last night but we got back so late that the only thing I was fit for was heading to bed!

Last night we went to see Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson. They are a couple who play an unusual blend of blues and traditional folk. I think he is from Australia and she is Irish. They played at Sark Folk Festival last year and apparently were a massive hit, kind of obvious by the fact that the gig was a sell out!

I didn’t really know what to expect but was completely gobsmacked by her ability to play the tin whistle/flute/piccolo and the drums at the same time and then switch to singing without missing a beat. She also plays a rather impressive washboard! His guitar and banjo playing is pretty impressive too. Anyway, well worth going to see if you get the chance.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a decent photo of them but this will take you to a YouTube video. The picture is of their support act The Barley Dogs who are a local folk band that we really enjoy.