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2012 Project365 (Day 356)

My FamilyToday The Mister and I took The Little Mister to have his first photo shoot! Our friend Yasmin has captured some of my favourite photos of the two of us, namely at our wedding and you can see some of the pictures here and here but also more recently she took some photos of the quilt I had made for my cousin Sam’s wedding – pictures here.

It was amazing to watch her work and see how she managed to position The Little Mister just right. He was really well behaved although he did manage to wee all down me at one point. These are just a couple of photos that Yasmin has sent us and we will see the rest of them in a couple of weeks.

Yasmin’s website can be found here.


2012 Project365 (Day 72)

Gran' Mere du Chimquiere at St Martin'sNow, I am sure you are all thinking that you have seen this menhir before, but you’d be wrong. This is the Gran’ Mere du Chimquiere at St Martin’s Parish Church, and it is very similar to the one at Castel Church that I photographed here.

Once again it was believed to have been made about 4000 years ago but this statue has been re-carved and has had a cape and hair or a head-dress added. This is thought to have happened about 2000 years ago and it is possible that her garments have been made to look like Roman clothing. She also has a large crack running across her middle and apparently she is held together with a metal spike.

Like her counterpart she is believed to be a fertility symbol so I have to confess I gave her a little stroke after I had taken her portrait. Here’s hoping she works her magic!

2012 Project365 (Day 33)

Day 33 - Multi-colour!Yesterday I finally managed to get a new iPhone. It had been a bit of a trauma as initially they wouldn’t give me a contract because I hadn’t lived on the island long enough, but eventually I persuaded them that I wasn’t about to abscond from the island!

So, I now have a camera with a better phone which is perfect for this challenge. On the way home from work I wandered into the garden centre which sells all sorts of stuff and they have fabulous cooking stuff. I especially love the stand full of multi-coloured kitchen implements. When I get a house I shall buy some!

2012 Project365 (Day 22)

Day 22 - St Matthew's ChurchAfter a big Sunday lunch Mum and The Mister and I managed to drag ourselves out for a walk. The light was starting to go so this picture doesn’t have quite the same brightness I would have hoped for.

This is St Matthew’s Church which was completed in November 1854. It has quite an interesting history as a young girl, Marianne Carey felt sorry for all the local fishermen who had to travel all of two miles to their local church raised the money to build the church. She raised £1600 for the building and continued to raise money for the Vicar’s stipend.

I love this church, and in particular I love this view of the circular back wall, in the sunlight the beautiful Guernsey granite seems to glow. It can be seen right from the beach which would seem particularly appropriate as it is the fisherman’s church.

I also love this little church as my Grandpa and Gran Nora and Auntie Doris and Auntie Reta as well as my great-grand-parents are all buried in the graveyard here. You could say that this is truly my family church!

2012 Project365 (Day 19)

19 Jan 2012
Today has felt like a grey day. It has been drizzling on and off all day and my mood is grey to match.

On my way back from a meeting I stopped and took a couple of photos of the sea. This was taken at the far end of Grandes Roques, one of my favourite spots on the island. It is on a corner, and there is a castle and German bunkers, but more importantly there are often beautiful, impressive waves. I was surprised there weren’t better waves today, but the gorgeous redness of the Guernsey granite, against the grey, mizzley sky cheered me up a little.

2012 Project365 (Day 17)

17 Jan 2012This is a quilt that I finished in 2008. I love it, and this picture definitely shows it off better (possibly because it fits this bed better as it is a king sized bed) I have blogged about this quilt before here.

Here are the facts about it…

1600 patchwork pieces.
10 different colour blocks.
Over 160 different fabrics.
Just over 2.50 metres square.
Edging and backing fabric ‘liberated’ from my Mum’s fabric chest.

It took years to make because I kept going back to it and many of the fabrics have been rescued from clothes that belonged to Gran Nora or other family members. It truly is my history all sewn together and that is one of the things that makes it so special!

2012 Project365 (Day 16)

Day 16 - 16 Jan 2012La Gran Mere…

This is the Castel Church Menhir. She stands about 2m tall and is believed to date back to between the Late Neolithic or Early Bronze age, circa 2500-1800 BC. The head and body are marked by shoulders and a crown and in relief are breasts and a necklace.

It’s function is unknown but is believed to mark a sacred space and some say that she is a fertility symbol. It was discovered under the chancel steps of the church in 1878 and was hidden away, it was possibly hidden to help prevent it being destroyed as it was a pagan symbol, although it does have some damage to one of the breasts.

These menhirs are very rare and we are lucky enough to have two on the island, the other one is at the entrance to St Martin’s Church.

2012 Project365 (Day 15)

15 Jan 2012This is Justin, one of the very pampered felines who live at my parent’s house.

We have always grown up with cats, usually two or three at a time. However, my parents live on a busy road so there is always a risk that the cats will get hit by a car. Dad is quite shameless as he will go and get a kitten quite soon after losing one cat, as he needs a ‘replacement’.

Whilst Dad loves his cats he is not particularly sentimental about them and it is well acknowledged that Dad usually talks to the cats far more lovingly that he talks to any of his family! The cats are fat and loved and Justin is soft and lovely. They are lucky creatures!

(I should also point out that this picture was taken by The Mister!)

2012 Project365 (Day 14)

Day 14 - 14 Jan 2012I went for a lovely walk this afternoon with Mum and The Mister all the way from the far end of Vazon Beach back to home which took about an hour. I took lots of lovely photos but didn’t choose any of them, instead I chose this picture of the harbour in Guernsey. It was just a quick snap with my iPhone camera before we did some shopping, but I think the colours are so vibrant and beautiful and it just seemed to sum up what a lovely day it was! Sometimes living in Guernsey is wonderful!